Sitting Disease: (sedentary lifestyle) is a term used to describe an individual whom doesn’t engage in enough physical activity to be healthy.  There’s abundant information on the web about the common afflictions of those who stand for extended periods like retail, food service and factory workers who stand in a small area and rarely have time or space for movement. Too much standing, without enough movement can lead to a variety of health maladies, including varicose veins, deep-vein thrombosis, knee- and hip injuries, and blood pooling in the legs. There are ways to mitigate the harmful effects of too much standing. The first -don’t stand all day! Break up your standing and sitting times into manageable periods throughout the day… and “listen” to your body. One of the best ways is to exercise while standing, shifting body weight from side to side, back and forth while balancing.     “On my feet all day” © DeskSurfer 2016 Sitting Disease is Taking a Toll on Your Body POTENTIAL AILMENTS A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE CONTRIBUTES TO: Neck stiffness Hear disease Lower back pain Obesity Restless legs TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR FEET CONTRIBUTES TO: Neck and shoulder stiffness Lower back pain Pain and aching in the legs and feet Pronation of the feet (flat feet) Heel spurs and plantar fascitis