Our patent pending design allows adjustable stability  and 360 degrees of rotation with up to 20 degrees of deflection, eliciting the following health and cognitive benefits: Increased metabolism- using a balance board can burn up to twice the calories of a treadmill at 2 MPH! Harvard Health Publications lists the calories burned in 30 minutes of skateboarding -- an activity that uses many of the same movements as higher-intensity balance board activities. A person weighing 125 pounds can expect to burn about 150 calories -- and 300 in an hour -- while a person weighing 185 pounds can expect to burn about 222 -- 444 in an hour. Improved circulation- the calf pumping action and stabilizers of the lower extremities required for balance assist the return of blood from legs and feet and minimize numbness. Improved balance- balance can be improved dramatically when challenged. The Desk Surfer™ technology  has a twenty year pedigree in improving balance. Improved cognitive function- Although previous reports showed that only rigorous exercise stimulated Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors, researchers have more recently found that even a light exercise routine may be sufficient. These findings indicate that everyone can enjoy the cognitive benefits of exercise by simply engaging in light activities such as balance training.  Works for everyone!- The adjustable stability of the Desk Surfer™ can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of users from elderly individuals in high heels to millennials in sneakers! Productivity- Studies have shown that standing while tasking can create more volume and accurate outcomes than seated- the Desk Surfer™ should enhance productivity and work experience!
© DeskSurfer 2016 Studies over and over again tell us that “sitting is the new smoking”. Well, standing during periods can help, but to really rev up the metabolism and maximize standing benefits you need to move!
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